We are a global non-voice BPO and consultancy firm, embracing an identity of being a pioneering and reputable partner to some of the world’s largest logistics companies. We are one of the most trusted firms in the field of IT-enabled services and business process outsourcing (BPO) for shipping principals in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region.

Established in the millennium year 2000, SeidoPro began as a joint venture between the Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) of the Philippines and NYK Line of Japan, with the primary objective of providing IT- enabled support and knowledge-based shipping BPO services to various onshore clients around the globe. With the former as the holding company of SeidoPro, TDG is involved in various industries worldwide, offering a wide array of services in the fields of logistics, ship management, travel and tourism, information and communications technology, securities trading, real estate development, renewable energy, and other related industries.

Today, we serve 26 countries across 4 continents.

Seizing the opportunity for more growth, we opened our doors to serving other shipping companies and other industries including retail, medical, and e-learning.

As we continue to scale up and expand, we are now ready to cater to a new and broader market in this ever-growing, ever-changing world.


The top strategic IT-BPM company for our logistics partners.


Our Name

Our name is our identity.

Our Service

We address the industry challenges of tomorrow today.

Our People

We are highly efficient, “happyness”-driven game changers.


Our Business Philosophy

Whether it is in providing day-to-day business solutions for our clients, or in fostering partnerships and communities towards growth, our business philosophy is simple: quality and consistent service you can depend on, relying on a three-point value system.

Lead with Service 

We believe in leading by example. Our high standards for accountability and responsibility define us.

Embrace the Extraordinary 

We delivery services that are above and beyond industry standards.

Create Happyness

We value our sense of family. We create happy memories together.

Our Quality Policy

We shall continuously provide efficient and reliable shipping & IT-BPM services beyond our customers’ expectations; Exhaust all our efforts to sustain a continuous growth in order to uphold our stakeholders’ resources and our people’s welfare.

Chairman’s Message

On behalf of Transnational Diversified Group, I warmly welcome you to the new digital home of SeidoPro Global – a home that tells its story as a trusted IT and BPO company, and reflects our continued commitment for quality and excellence.

When SeidoPro Global was established in October of 2000 as a joint venture between Transnational Diversified Group and NYK Line, it envisioned to be a provider of IT-enabled support and knowledge-based shipping BPO services. Since then, it has grown from a small team of fifteen to a larger group of over 400, and to date, handles over 26 locations worldwide.

SeidoPro Global’s growth was not done overnight, nor was it the result of just a single event. For 17 years and counting, SeidoPro Global and its people have been on an ongoing journey of renewed learning and proactive innovation, and it continues to move forward and explore new markets and ventures.

As the digital revolution continues to make significant changes across nearly every industry in the world, SeidoPro Global remains strong in embracing new innovations and technology, and driving high-level, quality solutions to its clients.

We are immensely proud of our past achievements at SeidoPro and continue to uphold our commitment to growth, and we look forward to driving more success alongside our partners and clients.

Roberto Delgado

Founder & Group Chairman
Transnational Diversified Group


Dan C. Florentino

Carlo M. Severino

Jonathan R. Manucat
Vice President

Cynthia A. Garcia
Finance Consultant

Sarah J. Baclagon
Program Director

Rose S. Cruz
Program Director

Jofel M. Dalangin
Chief Accountant & Finance Head

Cathy C. Padaca
People Empowerment & Optimization Head

Anong M. Sison
Technology Head

Ton R. Tiu
Corporate Management Head

Bernadette C. Antonio
General Administration Lead

Rhyzel G. Cortez
Non-Production Lead

Sarah R. Diaz
Booking Lead

Eileen S. Neria
Documentations Lead

Pinky A. Magat
Non-Documentations Lead

Bonnevie D. Torrano
Business Support Lead