As an ever-changing, global company that keeps up with market trends, SeidoPro is looking to expand its services beyond shipping and logistics, eyeing the fields of healthcare, insurance, and retail. The growth of the company is expected to cover Asia, particularly Japan, as well as parts of Europe and North America.

In addition to offering day-to-day services in the aforementioned industries, we also offer value-adding consultancy work for our clients, enriching their businesses and our partnerships with them. Our list of value-added services includes but is not limited to the following: change management, training, cloud computing, and business analytics.


As a global company with a diverse profile, our products and services cover the following industries: shipping and logistics, retail, medical, and e-learning.

Our BPO operations function as a delivery center of electronic data, facilitating international data exchanges, and providing information processing and storage related to cargo booking, documentation, container inventory, cost data recording, and monitoring and control.

Our Business Functions

Global Service Center (GSC)

  • Export & Import Documentation
  • Business Support Group

Shared Services Center (SSC)

  • Back-Office Support

Our Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO Services)

Full bill of lading processing
General data encoding services
Customer profile database entry

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Invoice generation
Accounts receivable monitoring
Email support/customer service management

Project Management & Consultancy

Management/workflow consultancy


Data Entry and Encoding

General Data Entry
Encoding of pertinent information on templates, business forms, records, reports, and other similar documents

Database Creation
Encoding of records, data, and/or information to build and establish databases both for end-client use or software development testing

Customer and Technical Support Services

Customer Service Management
Non-voice customer communication and support services (i.e., email support, chat support, etc.) Database Creation

Customer/Client Helpdesk

Non-voice and email support for customers and its end-clients

System Helpdesk

Client support for system use, testing, and troubleshooting

Network Support
Network administration, helpdesk, and troubleshooting for clients and network end-users

Knowledge-Based Services

Report Generation and Analysis
Generation of statistics, reports and data analytics for clients with the view of providing business intelligence, information-driven decision making, and strategy development

Project Management and Consultancy
Support, consultancy and management services for new project development, business process review and re-engineering, and functional and operations management

eTraining Design and Development
Design and development of digital training modules and eLearning systems